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  • Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa
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Clinical Investigation Centre of Lisbon's Academic Medical Centre - CIC-CAML is a Clinical Research Center which aims to centralize all the clinical research management and activities in a recent infrastructure dedicated exclusively to the development and supports of clinical trials in the University Hospital (Hospital de Santa Maria)

Contact person: Luís Costa, MD, PhD
E-mail: luiscosta.oncology@gmail.com
Phone:  +351 217 805 000
Center Website:  http://imm.fm.ul.pt/web/imm/home
As a Clinical Research Center (CRC), CIC-CAML has dedicated facilities to perform clinical research according to ICH-GCP Guidelines providing to the clinical investigators the necessary infrastructure and services for the support and conduct of high quality clinical research, from Phase I to IV.

CIC-CAML as an infrastructure devoted to centralize clinical research support with a management team, medical and study-nurse staff, allowing enrolment and investigation of patients. CiC-CAML is also creating a specific unit for Phase I Trials.
The CIC-CAML is in a public Hospital with a centralized financial management in the Hospital Administration, to support the negotiation and submission of the clinical trials contracts in the hospital
Located at the University Hospital - Hospital de Santa Maria, will have new facilities for the support of clinical trials their coordination and management, including dedicated and exclusively offices for patients, for Monitorization/audit, also in the Pharmacy Services.
Clinical trial staff trained on a regular basis in GCP. 
Communication with scientific community: Mailing list

- Centralized submission  
- Decentralized Implementation: Set-up, Conduct, Completion/ close-out
- Investigational medicinal product management (pharmacy department);
- Management of biological samples