• Hospital de Braga
  • Universidade do Minho (UM)
  • Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS-3Bs)
  • Escola de Ciências da Saúde (ECS)
Centro Clínico Académico, 2CA-Braga, located in the City of Braga in Portugal, is a non-profit partnership between the University of Minho (UM) and the Hospital de Braga (HB), with a focus on research, clinical care, education and training.
Contact person: Nuno Sousa, MD, PhD
E-mail: nuno.sousa@ccabraga.org / monica.goncalves@ccabraga.org
Phone: +351253027249
Center Website:  http://www.ccabraga.org/  
As a Clinical Research Center (CRC) Centro Clínico Académico – Braga, Association (2CA-Braga) provides the necessary infrastructure and services to clinical investigators for supporting them from the concept idea until the efficient conduct of high quality clinical research to perform clinical trials. The 2CA-Braga has dedicated Medical and Clinical Research Staff, high quality equipment, technology & centred in the patients and their needs. The 2CA-Braga is the appropriate partner to host clinical studies from phase I to IV.

The 2CA-Braga is in a unique and privileged position to ally research with clinical aspects, maximizing the development of innovative biomaterials, diagnostic strategies, regenerative approaches and therapeutic products. With basis on this health ecosystem infrastructure the 2CA-Braga, thus, seeks to strengthen University of Minho’s position as a leader in bioscience innovation and translational research, promoting in unison with the Hospital de Braga the maintenance of health during the lifespan and, most importantly, contributing to add quality to life through innovative breakthroughs. Via inclusiveness and partnership of people (clinicians, researchers and support staff), structures, materials, equipment and space between the University of Minho, with the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS-3Bs) and Escola de Ciências da Saúde (ECS) and Hospital de Braga, the 2CA-BRAGA seeks to maximize human, therapeutic, economic and physical resources. Its integrated structure allows for fundamental steps of innovation in multiple dimensions:

Products: several prototypes are being developed to provide a better monitoring of biological/biometric signs and symptoms.
Tools: a comprehensible clinical platform for data gathering and retrieval is being created.
Services: the multimodal monitoring of the population, combined with personalized risk stratification, permits the establishment of individual and adjustable clinical packs.
Processes: a proactive attitude in healthcare takers is foreseen by the use of this health ecosystem. Clinicians and researchers in the 2CA-BRAGA will cooperatively bridge between the clinic and the “bench” actively promoting the monitoring and management of the health status of the population.
Social innovation: a paradigm shift is proposed for the patient-physician interplay with the help of the ecosystem through which and the engagement in health maintenance will be significantly amplified.
These dimensions feed directly into the purpose and mission of 2CA-BRAGA of promoting clinical and translational research that is contextually framed with the needs of its surrounding community in the provision of healthcare and research excellence.
The 2CA-BRAGA is a non-profit organization with a financial management department with competences and experience needed to support the negotiation and submission of the clinical trials contracts in the clinical research.
The 2CA-BRAGA is localized in the Hospital de Braga and is closely linked to the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS-3Bs), School of Health Sciences, within the University of Minho. By offering an ample, fully equipped and quiet space for physical/clinical evaluation and care, the 2CA-BRAGA provides the appropriate space to discuss and provide on clinical-related aspects, for the filling-up of questionnaires and to facilitate diagnostic tests. Furthermore, the 2CA-BRAGA is integrated with proper facilities and services (located in immediate-proximity), and the support of nursing and administrative personnel. This support network works in close proximity with the researcher who provides expertise, in developing and testing theory, in support with data analysis and management and technology information. Facilities: 6 rooms with 1 bed (outpatient clinical trial visits and monitoring); 2 offices for the 2CA-Braga Team; 8 rooms for phase 1 with 1 or 2 beds (developing); 1 room for collection and processing sample; 2 rooms for archive; 1 room for meeting; 1 dining hall and 1 waiting room; Dedicated facilities for the clinical trials in the Pharmacy.
Clinical trial staff trained on a regular basis in GCP; Communication with scientific community: The 2CA-Braga has an independent website with detailed information, Mailing list, Internal Newsletter, the 2CA-Braga Day and Clinical Research & Innovation Meeting
2CA-BRAGA - Clinical Academic Center is under certification for ISO 9001:2008 Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems (CHKS) according to ISO9001:2008
• Centralized submission & implementation : set-up, conduct, completion/ close-out • Financial management • Investigational medicinal product management • Quality control

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